Still digging Ubuntu

As I near the internet geek abyss, posting to my blog using Flock on a box running Ubuntu, setting up an account at, spending the afternoon learning about apt-get, I realize that I’m enjoying myself.  My fiancee thinks I’m crazy, but that’s nothing new.

I haven’t cut the cord to Windows yet, although I’d like to.  I’ll probably keep my laptop dual-booting (Currently it’s XP only) just in case.

On a related note, speaking of fiancees, I’m wondering how I can convince her that a new monitor is a reasonable investment.  I’m currently using a 17″ CRT from 1998 when I’m not on my laptop, and it’s pretty painful.  It was cruel of them at work to buy me a 24″ widescreen, because now everything else seems like an insult to my eyes.  It’ll probably have to wait until after the wedding, though.

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