Researching the enemy

I’ve always hated Hillary Clinton. I don’t even think I can explain why. People argue with me. “Oh, she’s so smart,” they say. I know she’s smart. If she were dumb, I wouldn’t worry about her.

My mom fiancee (EDIT: Ooh, misremembering the source of this is getting me into trouble) actually makes a good point about Hillary – She was already in the public eye when she began her political career. That means we got to watch her turn into a politician. We got to watch as she started saying exactly what she thought the voters wanted to hear (And so far, she’s been right). Most politicians do this soul-selling before we hear about them, so they’re already like that when we “meet” them. And so we can tell ourselves that it’s just the way they are.

Not Hillary. She changed before our eyes. For the record, I hated her before that.

Anyway, I am now determined to figure out why I hate her. To that end, I ordered her book, “Living History”, used at Amazon. I have to say I’m impressed with the seller, who managed to get me the book in about a week for the low, low price of $3.63 shipped. I have to say it does make me happy that only 14 cents of that was the actual cost of the book. It’s not in fabulous condition, but that will only add fuel to my argument once I read it and learn why it is that I hate her.

The Amazon reviews suggest that the book is pretty vanilla – she doesn’t come out and say anything shocking. And this book is from before she was a Senator. I’d rather read about Hillary the Senator than Hillary the First Lady. I’m sure we’ll get that opportunity after she’s through running for President.

So, I’ll keep you posted. We’ll have to see if I can get through it.

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