Well, hes the decider

CNN.com – Panel questions whether Bush improperly ignoring laws – Jun 27, 2006

When the first thing you see in the article is a quote from insane Republican Arlen Specter saying, “It’s a challenge to the plain language of the Constitution”, it’s a pretty good indication that the AP doesn’t think that Bush should be adding all of these signing statements to the bills he signs.

Defending Bush, a Justice Department lawyer said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks had made it prudent for the president to protect his powers with signing statements more than did his predecessors.

I’m not quite sure what September 11th has to do with the President overstepping the legal boundries of the office. One of his signing statements said that he would ignore laws preventing torture on detainees if he felt like it. There’s a reason that we have this system of checks and balances that we all learned about in high school. We have it to prevent any one part of the government from gaining too much power. The system seems to have been working pretty well for quite some time, and now Bush has added more signing statements than any of his predecessors, according to NPR this morning.

Honestly, when you have prominent Republicans like Specter saying that our Republican President is overstepping his bounds, we’re all in trouble.

The title of the article is also priceless.  It implies that maybe there are other laws that it would be proper for Bush to ignore.

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