Please, wont someone think of the stupid adult men

WAWS FOX30 Online – Jacksonville – Man Robbed by Teen Girls, Thought He was Meeting MySpace Friend

With everyone flipping out over MySpace, and how dangerous it is for young people – apparently no parent in America is willing to tell his or her 14-year-old daughter that she shouldn’t go meet some “great guy” she met online in a dark alley in the middle of a strange city at 1am – it will be interesting to see how we also protect the adults from the children.  To summarize the article, an adult male of unspecified age meets 18-year-old “Natalia” on MySpace.  He goes to meet her at her place.  He instead meets a 14- and 15-year-old girl, who rob him at gunpoint.

First tip that the person you’ve met online might not be who they say they are?  She says her name is “Natalia”.  No one is actually named Natalia.  No one.

Link via BoingBoing.

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