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First, Complaint Hub was a blog. As you may know, everyone was put here on earth for a purpose. After years of soul searching and contemplation, I have come to the realization that my purpose here is to complain. Do what you know, they say. And so I am.

Complaining is something I know. Complaining is something I’m good at. It may not always be appreciated, but true greatness never is in its time. History will vindicate me.

Then, it was a place where you could share your complaints, too.

And then it was two blogs, with the addition of From Harvard Street, a blog about my life as a new resident of Washington, DC. More recently, I decided that it was too much trouble to maintain two blogs. From Harvard Street was a nice experiment in using a different blogging engine, but WordPress is a much more mature application, and I really don’t want to have to worry about two sites anymore.

Then, it wasn’t a place where you could share complaints anymore because my webhost decided to upgrade their version of Ruby on Rails (Otherwise I’m very happy with them, and this is a complaint more about what the Rails people did in their update than a complaint about Dreamhost), and everything broke. Unfortunately for anyone wanting to complain here, this is not anywhere near the top of my ToDo list, so it’s probably not getting fixed any time soon.

And now, I’ve switched from WordPress to Drupal. I’m really happy with Drupal so far, and the site got a needed redesign (Although my mother-in-law doesn’t like it). More changes are coming, including a return of Your Complaints.

As for me, I’m a software engineer doing soul-sucking government contracting work. I’m on a new job since April 2008, and while the work is still dumb, at least my boss is cool. In my spare time, I like photography, writing, traveling, and hanging out with my wife. I have a really loud and needy cat named Biscuit, who is barely tolerated in public but secretly loved by my wife.

And in September, I will be a new dad. I will probably forget to update this page when the kid pops out, but you can keep up with the latest and greatest on my dad-hood via the front page. You can contact me at complaint hub at gmail.


Whoa, this hasn’t been updated in a while. I have a different job. I have two kids. That one I was just talking about in the paragraph above? She’s in kindergarten. I started another blog that turned into a small business that failed and now the LLC that used to be the business owns a gorgeous home in Annapolis. Life is weird sometimes.

Now I work with government accountants. I ride my bike a lot. I love my wife and kids and the rest of my family, who I see more lately than I used to, which is good. This blog is likely to have a lot of stuff about bikes, living in DC, stupid intellectual property law (especially pertaining to ebooks), and complaining. You’ve been warned.

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