Wolf Blitzer needs to go

I hate to bring this up again, but Wolf Blitzer was worse last night than he has been previously. They were talking about Obama’s acceptance speech, which I thought was excellent. The confetti and fireworks were over, and someone on stage started some sort of closing prayer. Now, I’m not a religious person. And I don’t like mixing religion and politics. But if people are praying, you should be respectful. And most of the CNN talking heads were – someone suggested that they all shut up for a minute. That lasted for all of two or three seconds before Wolf started talking again! And about nothing! He was sending everyone to CNN.com for more information. Wolf Blitzer needs to be reminded every single day that anyone with good enunciation can do his job. Just because he’s well known does not mean that he’s important. The day robots can read cue cards is the day that Wolf Blitzer is redundant.

Hey, all you Catholics

DSC_8698So the Pope is in town. Since I work almost right next door to the White House, which is where he was hanging out this morning, some coworkers and I went up to the roof of the building to watch as he hopped into the PopeMobile and drove off down Pennsylvania Avenue and past the adoring throngs. Anyway, there are more pictures here. The view from the roof is pretty good. And there are electrical outlets and benches up there. With the weather getting nice, I might just have to take a laptop up there now and then.

Pope a liar

CNN.com – Pope: ‘Total and profound respect for Muslims’ – Sep 25, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI expressed “total and profound respect for all Muslims” at a meeting Monday with ambassadors from Muslim nations and other Islamic leaders.

Really?  Is that why you said something insulting and inflammatory, then apologized for the reaction of the Muslim community?  If I punch you in the face, then say, “I’m sorry you were hurt”, that’s not a sincere apology for my actions.  That is saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong.  It’s unfortunate that you had a negative reaction to what I did.”  It places the blame on the injured or offended party, and it does not show respect for anyone.