England Wins!

I’m mostly just testing the Flickr’s “Blog This” option. But it seems appropriate to post a photo from London right after David Beckham and his immaculate hair gave England a 1-0 win over Ecuador. It was really a nice goal, even if he does need to remember that he’s a football player, not a fashion model.

Not really a complaint

Well, maybe one little complaint, to start things off. It’s POURING outside. It has been most of the morning. They’ve been predicting thunderstorms that we haven’t gotten for weeks, and the rain all came today. I think there’s some guy in a kayak out in the parking lot right now.

And then, not a complaint. The Argentina-Mexico second round World Cup game yesterday. That was some nice soccer. I’ve been keeping an eye on the games with the little Google home page plugin, but I haven’t been able to watch too many of the games since they all happen while I’m at work.

But I watched Argentina-Mexico. A lot of people are raving about Argentina’s Maxi Rodriguez’s goal in overtime. It was a pretty goal, but honestly, I don’t think he was even looking when he shot it. A little bit of luck was probably involved. No, my favorite goal of the match was the little flick and then goal by Mexico’s Rafael Marquez. That, and how Marquez started sucking his thumb before a teammate jumped on his head. Thumb-sucking is always a classy goal celebration.

Anyway, the reason that I liked that goal was that it was obviously a scripted play, and it couldn’t possibly have happened any better. A quarter second earlier or later and Marquez doesn’t score that. It was just a beautiful team effort.

And now it’s almost time for England-Ecuador.