A quick question

Someone out there keeps coming here by Googling “tilapia” within complainthub.com.  I know you’re in California, whoever you are.  Do you want a tilapia recipe?  I have a few.  I’m happy to share.  And may I suggest a site such as del.icio.us for your bookmarking pleasure?  It’s easier than doing the same, tired Google search 14 times in the past 30 days.

Who are you?  Do I know you?  Why are you fascinated with tilapia?

My cat is crazy

Anyone who’s met Biscuit would probably tell you she’s crazy, but most of them don’t even know one of her strange little eccentricities.  On the advice of a friend, known by many as a “cat whisperer”, I take Bis’ food away in the morning, and refill her dish in the evening.  This, somehow, makes her less likely to be a noisy pain in the butt at three AM.  Now, Biscuit is always very vocal and excited when dinner time rolls around.  Makes sense.  Most living things enjoy eating.  But Biscuit is similarly excited in the morning when I take away her food and refill her water bowl.  I don’t understand it.

CNN ticker is crazy

Anyone have the CNN headline widget on their Google homepage? I do. Someone over there has a weird sense of humor, because they like to juxtapose the weirdest articles. Currently, they have these three headlines displayed:

I mean, sorry, John, I loved Grosse Pointe Blank, but your stalker is not headline news. Good luck with that, though.