I almost signed up for Twitter

I seriously considered signing up for Twitter just so I could easily liveblog the vice-presidential debate tonight. But then I’d have to find friends on Twitter or integrate it here or something, and that all sounded like work, so I didn’t do it. But, boy, am I looking forward to it. Listening to Sarah Palin try to answer questions, and listening to Joe Biden try not to beat her too senseless. He’s really in a tough spot – if he goes easy on her, it’s because he doesn’t respect her as a woman. If he’s hard on her, he obviously hates women. If he ignores her and focuses on the issues, he’s not taking her seriously because she’s a woman. There is absolutely nothing he can do that won’t get him into trouble. So I’m just hoping that she self-destructs all on her own. Which I think she’ll do. I mean, Saturday Night Live used her actual answers to questions because they couldn’t think of anything funnier. On one hand, you have things that Sarah Palin actually said as the candidate for the vice-presidency. On the other hand, you have every other thing that anyone has said or could say. And the things she said were funnier! That is true talent. A friend pointed out to me earlier today a survey that says that 60% of Americans don’t think she’s qualified. After tonight, anyone still in that other 40% is just lying to themselves.