Parenting perks – trolling your kids

Parenting is hard sometimes. Kids are THE WORST. They’re always there, wanting things, complaining, making messes.

But they’re also great. And one of the side benefits of them getting older is you can troll them to great effect. My younger one has a stack of Principal’s List awards on the dining room table. I’m not sure 1) why she has so many or 2) why they are in a pile on the table. But my wife was teasing her about it and about how they seem to keep multiplying. Of course, this is a GOOD thing, as being on the Principal’s List is a nice achievement and we are of course happy that she is doing well in school.

So I had to take it a step further. When she was at school one day, I scanned one of the papers, put some new dates on, and printed out copies. I taped one to her bedroom door and put one under her pillow. And I added two to the stack on the table. And, my favorite, I mailed one to her. It’ll probably arrive tomorrow after she’s mostly forgotten the first batch.