No one gets the internet like the porn industry

My new laptop just shipped, and I’m very excited, and compulsively checking the UPS tracking every four seconds.  You know how you can plug a tracking number from UPS, FedEx, USPS, whatever, into Google, and it will take you to the tracking info?  This is hugely helpful, and is one of the things I love about Google.

Anyway, I plugged in the tracking number, and the first result was a link to UPS, as expected.

The second link was to a porn site.  This is absolutely brilliant, and I almost want to go give the porn site some money just to express my admiration.  I’m not going to, though. 

But if you’re reading this,, you all are pretty much the best search engine optimizers ever.

Flickr users like hot moms


It appears that Flickr users, despite whatever claims they might make to the contrary, are really looking for pictures of hot women, probably in various stages of undress. Witness the photo here, which in a mere 11 days has already become the most viewed photo I have on Flickr. I have 1,951 other photos on Flickr. The first one was posted February 25th, 2005. Many of them are of greater artistic quality than this one.

Y ou may wonder, from looking at the photo, why it’s so popular. One only has to look at the title, “I LOVE HOT MOMS”, and the tags, which include “hot”, “hotmoms” and “NOLA”.

For shame, Flickr users. For shame.