Dumbass Major League Baseball

So I just had to cancel my subscription to MLB.TV… I was paying $15 bucks a month to watch really shotty quality streaming baseball games on my computer. But then I realize that you can’t watch any of the games for teams that you actually live close to, even when they are playing 3,000 miles away!!

Give me a freaking break!… why anyone even signs up for this is beyond me. I guess they think people will pay and just forget to cancel it. Or maybe it’s for all the ass Yankees and Sox Bandwagoners who don’t live within 500 miles of either city. Fucking Fascists! (Can I cuss on here?) (Admin edit: It appears you just did.)

By the way, the MLB.TV product doesn’t really compete with TV. If you have the game on TV, you watch that. There is no reason to freaking block a game because it’s on ESPN. IDIOTS!