Coincidence? What now, University of Michigan?
And fire him they did
The name of this blog is now "Tony Romo Sucks"
Ooh, burned!
Nine points has never looked so bad
The walk is unforgivable
Is this even legal?
Not a meaningful distinction
And then it rained
That's TWO doubles this year
Is Brandon Fahey the worst hitter ever?
So we meet again
Bring on Game 4
Back from Boston
I can't handle The Truth
More and more annoyed
My wife is the good kind of crazy
Bill Simmons is fired
A trip to Camden Yards
Jim "One Inning" Johnson and the Orioles
What's wrong with New Orleans basketball fans?
Orioles beat Beckett and the Sox
This is what happens when you throw strikes, Cabrera
And there we are
That was money well-spent
Man, who thought this was a good idea?
What to do when your team isn't local
Watching a little basketball, playing with some computers
Contract the Nationals!
O's win again
The wife will think I'm crazy
Now the wife loves FireJoeMorgan.com
Orioles win again, and the hold is even stupider than the save
Barry Bonds - collusion or just not worth it?
I'll take that
I complained too soon
Fire Daniel Cabrera
Oh, great, another infielder who can't hit
Trying to write about something other than baseball
Orioles in HD!
Ok, back to baseball. And politics.
More Orioles crap
Please, just get this over with
Now that they've said that . . .
I'm so glad baseball is back.
Why the save is a stupid stat
So what's in it for us?
Peanuts and Cracker Jack
To honor, you have to understand
Well done, Toyota
The dumbest thing I've read today
Where are the nicknames of yesteryear?
I should just quit
Dear Dan Snyder
Please, stop the quarterback worship
A Tribute to Sean
Sean Taylor tribute
They couldnt have done it when he hit 754?
Stupid Cleveland
Heres your chance to root for the Yankees
Define knee-jerk
Any Oriole fan could have told you this
More baseball geekery
Im on a roll with the sports stuff
You should go to Fleet Feet
Drugs, cheating, and incompetent management
Computers, baseball, and a lot of free time
I just realized why I like this site
Look, I was right
Super Bowl Sunday
Bonds is a druggie, CEO of MLB players association a liar
Nice job, Cal
Awesome playoff scenario
Worst tunnel ever
Dude clearly needs to get his priorities straight
And football is back
Put a what on you?