Congressman Michael Grimm is an insane person
My pants are wet for you, Barack
Sign a petition for intelligence in agriculture
I almost signed up for Twitter
As much as it sucks, we still have to pay the contracts they signed
Get over yourself, CNN
Is everyone holding their breath for Obama?
Maybe that's why everyone loves Wall-E
Unexpected consequences of killing the gun ban
Hillary and Barack
I should be more observant
Trying to write about something other than baseball
Ok, back to baseball. And politics.
You want to see something scary?
I am literally floored by this stunning news flash
Unfortunate name, interesting product
Yay, Nashville!
Spitzer hates our hookers
John McCain hates bears
Florida and Michigan made their beds
Et Tu, Ohio
The co-founder of Netscape on Barack Obama
GAAAH! Unwanted mental image!
I hope my friends in Nashville are involved here