It would have been a disappointing time
Running, cramping
Clean bill of health for me, but no baby yet
I'm wearing a left shoe!
BMI is bunk
Getting back to running
Am I immune to codeine?
You'd think it would be great
Foot surgery is awesome
Pregnant wife bonus
Hooray for placenta migration!
Guess who's getting foot surgery
I guess it serves me right for buying a soda
Another race, my personal best
Homemade Seitan
Race results updated
Saint Patrick's Day 8K
You WILL like tofu and brussels sprouts
Say no to artificial sweetener
Diet soda - not just for cancer anymore
My Country Tis of Corn
Thanks for the reminder - give blood
I dont want to be eaten by a lion
City wildlife
A partial explanation
Im trying to understand this
Perhaps the biggest food surprise Ive had in a while
Lawyers Have Heart 10K
Support the American Heart Association by running
Who needs cake?
Stop your long commute
Even Enviga knows that Enviga sucks
If we ban it, it will go away
I want in on this
Having a cold sucks
Genetic eating habits
Good try, DC
Mommies have known this for years
What do you want, a cookie?
Halloween is going to kill me
More Enviga
All about Enviga
Oh, have I got a treat for you
More autism
Enviga sucks. Pass it on.
Eat more fish
Turn the TV off
How am I going to explain this to my daughter?
New drink burns calories
Space Invaders is awesome
Time again for the flu shot controversy
The Pop Tart Scourge
It begins . . .
Mom as a role model for kids? Say it aint so.
Hillary, Health Care, and the Morbidly Obese
Is the big house in the suburbs really worth it?
Never, ever go out in the sun
The age of cigarettes may be drawing to a close