Indian Cooking Classes in DC
Contesting a DC parking ticket online
Welcome to the world, Matilda
Only in DC
You wish you had my energy?
Comcast still doesn't have a clue
Contesting a parking ticket - my car is diplomatic
Early night at Room 11
Restaurant review - The Uptowner
Columbia Heights is nothing but hipsters?
The boot doesn't work
What is going on with public transportation in this city?
The Mayor's Conservation Corps and the DDOE are very responsive
My family is okay, I hope yours is, too
The new buses suck
Move over, Sean, we've got a new jouster
Adam Dunn owes me big
Doing a little gardening
Has Columbia Heights turned a corner?
The Opposite of Community
This man is my hero
Street cleaning resumes March 23, 2009
This is why I live close to work, Part 2
Isn't that what you're supposed to be fixing?
Please stop bunching the 16th Street bus, WMATA
Finally someone on the home team to cheer for
That's not the way to win fans, Comcast
Two new (to me) spots for coffee
OMG, Comcast, LOL
The WikiMetro scammers strike again!
Of all the days to get noticed
This is why I live close to work
I have ridden the 43, and it was good
Coffee shop with fringe benefits
I'm going to punch Mother Nature in the Face. And also WMATA.
My pants are wet for you, Barack
It takes four signs to explain the parking
And fire him they did
Tire vandals in Columbia Heights
Banana Leaves - Yum
Dancing bananas and surprising websites
Wikimetro says, "We're totally not a scam"
I hate the Cowboys
Is Wikimetro a scam?
Shame on you, Columbia Heights
The hard streets of Columbia Heights
DC parking ticket adjudicator lacks sense of humor, soul
It would have been a disappointing time
Like a poison dart frog, it's there to warn you away
Welcome to the world, Adelina
Clean bill of health for me, but no baby yet
Happy hour at Target?
From the farmers market to your table at Poste
Forget playing, this mouse is having Five Guys
A hub of Central American culture
Giant's okay, but the customers are crazy
Finally made it to Commonwealth
Your government at work - 16th and U to get a makeover
A congestion tax alone is not enough
Maybe my SEO with Drupal is working
The CommonWealth Gastropub is almost open
I'm a DC Blog
What happened to the service industry?
Glad I just use the Nationals for their convenient stadium
MASN is the worst network ever
Terrifying acts of god
Dinner at The Heights on a lovely Thursday night
And then it rained
Comcast did something right
Getting back to running
Fleecing the poor
Foot surgery is awesome
The Nats aren't paying rent
Crosswalk misadventures
Five Guys is a delicous disaster
Unexpected consequences of killing the gun ban
Delicious frozen custard
I could have been killed
Best Buy electronics recycling comes to Columbia Heights!
My happy hour was a success
Saturday Night at Nationals Park
Thanks, Mount Pleasant Mainstreet
Mount Pleasant misplaced a banner
Damn you, loose bricks!
Awful website, great restaurant
DDOT is a pain
Wet socks
Parking a car in DC sucks
I should be more observant
Another race, my personal best
Contract the Nationals!
Dinner and Drinks with Charlie Stross
So what's in it for us?
Alternative means of transportation
My first speeding ticket since high school
Spitzer hates our hookers
Race results updated
Saint Patrick's Day 8K
Target is cool, but . . .
Changes in Columbia Heights
GAAAH! Unwanted mental image!
Eat Well DC hires new chef - Washington Business Journal -
Columbia Heights lost a theater
I should have taken a picture
Almost forgot the good news
Dear Gentleman crossing H St NW
The DMV has betrayed me
Take that, DC Parking Enforcement!
Im one of those DC snow car people now
Letters are easier, anyway
Date Night - Half-Birthday Edition
Date night
Bum bum bum bum BUM BUM DC U-ni-ted!
Wanna use your blog for good?
Be a part of local history might be a bit much
Why am I not mad?
Go high or go home
Pepco still sucks, but Im not quite so mad
I wish I could fire Pepco
Waiting for Pepco
Coppis on U Street
Columbia Heights associations meeting
Is traffic that bad right now?
N Exactly IMBY
I win again!
All you need to know about DC parking tickets
Worst street in Columbia Heights?
Lets get the Councilmember involved
Spying on ourselves is bad
Some nice fruits and vegetables
Those heartless, inflexible bastards
Well, were Zone 1 now
Parking update
Cant I just park in front of my house?
Thanks for the reminder - give blood
Curse you, four car train
Renovations to begin on Harvard Street
ColumbiaHeightsNews.org back from the dead
New construction on Harvard Street
No more four car trains at rush hour!
Is it just me?
You should go to Fleet Feet
Welcome to Web 2.0, WMATA.
I win! Im a big winner!
71% is good?
City wildlife
$10 minimum?
Letter to the DMV
The street is NOT zoned
Now theyve done it
Another parking ticket to contest
Opening night at The Heights
18% alcohol, 100% delicious
Our new neighborhood bar/restaurant
A lot of you are interested in Vector Security
OMG I have DC tags!
It happened again
Whoa, there
Weekend bus trauma
Lawyers Have Heart 10K
Shootings on Girard Street
The perils of a transitional neighborhood
More housing?
Support the American Heart Association by running
A really long walk
Now Im a donor and an independent
Fewer lights, more pincers
Metro doesnt understand economics
Its interesting to live near D.C.