Comcast still doesn't have a clue
I still hate Sony
Contesting a parking ticket - my car is diplomatic
Columbia Heights is nothing but hipsters?
So you wanna be my friend
Get this stupid song out of my head
The boot doesn't work
What is going on with public transportation in this city?
The Mayor's Conservation Corps and the DDOE are very responsive
The new buses suck
What a kick in the teeth
Guest post - Baltimore sucks, too
Pedestrians should know their place
The Opposite of Community
Compare and Contrast
The system is down. Er, was down.
Isn't that what you're supposed to be fixing?
I can always tell when Wikimetro sends out a new batch of spam
It annoys the you-know-what out of me, too, Bud
Please stop bunching the 16th Street bus, WMATA
That's not the way to win fans, Comcast
OMG, Comcast, LOL
GM is monumentally stupid
The WikiMetro scammers strike again!
First day of daycare
Of all the days to get noticed
This is why I live close to work
I'm going to punch Mother Nature in the Face. And also WMATA.
Beating a dead horse - DRM
My pants are wet for you, Barack
It's our fault the economy sucks
OpenSUSE fails at mainstream
It takes four signs to explain the parking
Coincidence? What now, University of Michigan?
And fire him they did
Tire vandals in Columbia Heights
If I were a teen girl
Wikimetro says, "We're totally not a scam"
That's a weird place for an ad, Google
I hate the Cowboys
Is Wikimetro a scam?
Shame on you, Columbia Heights
The hard streets of Columbia Heights
Experts Exchange sucks
Great moments is passive-aggressiveness
Twitter will kill us all
DC parking ticket adjudicator lacks sense of humor, soul
If you buy anything with DRM, you are stupid
I might go into the office and take a nap
As much as it sucks, we still have to pay the contracts they signed
I never wanted to do business with Countrywide in the first place
Running, cramping
Baby Never Forget
The baby is officially late
The worst inning in the history of the Universe
Nine points has never looked so bad
The unintended consequences of blocking webmail
The walk is unforgivable
Wolf Blitzer needs to go
What would happen if the airline industry failed?
Is this even legal?
Get over yourself, CNN
Is everyone holding their breath for Obama?
Your job is more interesting than mine
Giant's okay, but the customers are crazy
Just because HDTVs are cheap now doesn't mean your child needs one
Clicking ads is not saying thank you
Record labels are stupid
Blackberry research and crazy Verizon saleschatters
Not a meaningful distinction
Once again, I'm reminded why I hate Microsoft
The little brother is off to law school
Can the Sarfate-as-starter experiment please end?
We need more science
Stupid IT department
From the mouth of Jobs himself
I love to hate the iPhone
Didn't mean to censor the TSA propaganda
Speaking of IT security and idiots
Tragedy in Baltimore!
Webmail isn't evil, IT departments are
Oddly Enough, You're an Idiot
What happened to the service industry?
MASN is the worst network ever
The iPhone and the PETA Effect
Where's my love from Comcast?
Where Microsoft went, Yahoo will follow
Blackberries are the devil
And then it rained
Damn it, Tor
After all that, Scalzi had to tell me?
Nice night for a baseball game
Am I immune to codeine?
Fleecing the poor
You'd think it would be great
Astak, you suck
Over before it began
The Nats aren't paying rent
Crosswalk misadventures
Unexpected consequences of killing the gun ban
Is Brandon Fahey the worst hitter ever?
Why do you think I'm stupid, Microsoft?
Another ebook reader set to fail
I could have been killed
The weather around here is whack
So we meet again
Email Etiquette
Bring on Game 4
Just let me do my job
I can't handle The Truth
More and more annoyed
Security Theater is getting literal
Jim "One Inning" Johnson and the Orioles
What's wrong with New Orleans basketball fans?
Mount Pleasant misplaced a banner
Damn you, loose bricks!
Is anyone else annoyed by Ubuntu 8.04?
DDOT is a pain
Guess who's getting foot surgery
Wet socks
And there we are
Parking a car in DC sucks
I guess it serves me right for buying a soda
Dell again
Dell is fired
Dell 1, Me 0
Contract the Nationals!
Fire Daniel Cabrera
Nike fails the internet
Oh, great, another infielder who can't hit
Small site problems
Trying to write about something other than baseball
More Orioles crap
Please, just get this over with
Now that they've said that . . .
Why the save is a stupid stat
Why do I hate roller bags at work?
My first speeding ticket since high school
Spitzer hates our hookers
To honor, you have to understand
John McCain hates bears
Give Maryland its wine in the mail already
Well done, Toyota
Bite me, Microsoft
Florida and Michigan made their beds
Et Tu, Ohio
I hope my friends in Nashville are involved here
Where are the nicknames of yesteryear?
Sorry for the "read more"
Please let this mean that there are no more Flash websites
Someone stole my cherries!
Diet soda - not just for cancer anymore
I dont know what SalesGenie is thinking
BP may be getting less green
I should just quit
Lots of rumors, and theyre all bad
Dear Dan Snyder
You suck, Microsoft
Dear Gentleman crossing H St NW
Youre missing the point
Inhabitat is fired
Iowa could have been worse
Someone complains about Vector Security
Please, stop the quarterback worship
Merry Christmas, jerk! Love, U of Michigan
Totally unacceptable workplace environment
Not sure what this is supposed to accomplish
How could you do this, Brian Roberts?
Preparing for the Mitchell Report
You suck, Citicards
Snow? Really?
The Kindle hates Ubuntu
No more being nice
My Country Tis of Corn
Letters are easier, anyway
Nano Update - Day 12
This is why were killing the planet
I cant show you what we did this weekend
Net neutrality is not net neutrality
Whats with the spam?
Curse you, rain
Seriously, Ubuntu
Gutsy or Bust
Should have started earlier
Longtime reader is fired
You were not meant to live that way
Stupid Cleveland
AT&T wants to censor your complaints
Not to pile on Microsoft . . .
Visual Studio is killing me inside
Why am I not mad?
And with them goes the stench of failure
Go high or go home
Pepco still sucks, but Im not quite so mad
Miro needs your help to not suck
I wish I could fire Pepco
Waiting for Pepco
Justifiable homicide
My Discover card sucks
All you need to know about DC parking tickets
First impression of Vista, heading for Ubuntu
Worst street in Columbia Heights?
Lets get the Councilmember involved
Spying on ourselves is bad
Those heartless, inflexible bastards
Well, were Zone 1 now
Parking update
Cant I just park in front of my house?
Curse you, four car train
Any Oriole fan could have told you this
I hate computers
No more four car trains at rush hour!
Is it just me?
Starbucks is fired
Drugs, cheating, and incompetent management
71% is good?
City wildlife
Im back, the cat is back, the wife is gone
The Kennedy Center responds
$10 minimum?
Thatll teach the Kennedy Center
The Kennedy Center is spamming me
Letter to the DMV
The street is NOT zoned
Now theyve done it
Another parking ticket to contest
Leaning left vs. right
Legislating fairness
Why I complain
Go ahead, shoot the messenger
It happened again
Whoa, there
Weekend bus trauma
Sorry for the downtime
Time to give Al Gore a hard time again
A complaint about me
Just stop drinking the water
Youre a pain, Cingular
Featured Complaint of the Week
I realized something today
Fewer lights, more pincers
Some of those loans were NOT a good idea
We really need a solution for the immigration problem
Flickr users like hot moms
Alas, poor Vonage
New job, crazy rules
California - A presidential candidates bad analogy
Oh, look, torture works
Seriously, WTF?
Wow, thats a stupid law
Do not mess with the Do Not Call list
It figures
Make sure you find the real problem
Stupid federal holiday
Couldnt they find anyone less suited for the position?
Even Enviga knows that Enviga sucks
Finally, a reason to hate elevators
Snow day
If we ban it, it will go away
OMG Turn off the internet!
Calling all car nuts who dont really like to drive
Man, I forgot about McSweeneys
I wish they used the closed captioning
Look, I was right
I want in on this
WordPress 2.1 bonk
Bad mood + too much tv = uncontrollable ranting
I cringe at the thought
Ads for ads
Why would none of your plates be microwave-safe?
YouTube finds great method to create the next YouTube
Should DC get a vote?
A sad day for haters
Those who forget history . . .
Spammers need to die
Check out KZoo
Bonds is a druggie, CEO of MLB players association a liar
Kids, dont try this at home
Manhattan smells like gas
I hate elevators
What have we done?
Bipartisan government - the wifes take
News Flash - People take cabs at 2am on New Years Day
A new age of bipartisan government
Awesome playoff scenario
Having a cold sucks
Soon you can eat a clone
Angry letter to Safeway
The perils of semi-public restrooms
Inefficient use of resources
Open letter to the world
Internet Explorer is the devil
Someone agrees with me about Al Gore
That sound you hear is Walt spinning in his grave
Metro doesnt understand economics
Were just going to take our God and go over here
Complaining through song
Two different viewpoints
Michael Chertoff doesnt understand what better off means
Its not even Thanksgiving
A Nano complaint
So busy
How appropriate
Google is down?
Ever honked at a school bus?
Shouldnt that be automatic?
Halloween is going to kill me
Ruby Tuesdays is cheap
Firefox 2.0 gripe
Response from Delegate Scott
More Enviga
Stop with the negative ads
Slim with the tilted brim
This is what they mean by liberal media
Yeah, remember what we said before? We were lying
Maybe this will move them to act
The age of stingrays is upon us
Enviga sucks. Pass it on.
Complaining in action
OH NO! Family values are dead!
How am I going to explain this to my daughter?
You cant just say your domain name
New drink burns calories
Winter is here
Listening to NPR makes me cry
Why I dont blog at home
Norton Antivirus kills my processor
Guest blogger Gayles bathroom experience
Does this cross the line?
Children are being exploited, lets punish them
Voters in Maryland - Protest the voting machines
Time again for the flu shot controversy
FBI cant find evidence of broken laws
Why arent we talking about sending him to jail?
Things not to do while cooking
Electronic poll books in Tuesday test
A whole bunch of complainers
The Pop Tart Scourge
Lets regulate all the competition away
Special guest blogger
Time magazine is on notice
Pope a liar
Oh, thats encouraging
Up yours, Peter Angelos
Stupid computer
Dont take a picture of this
I shake my fist at you, minivan
Surprise! Youre Jewish.
Where are the drivers in the wrong?
Big surprise - Microsoft Zune to suck after all
Email to the DMV
I will get to the bottom of this
I seem to be numb
What about Jamie Foxx?
Five years ago yesterday
I told you ethanol wasnt the answer
Security? What security?
Terror! Liberty! Freedom! Cookies!
Ask, and you shall receive
Stop using terrorism as a political tool
CNN.com - Navarrette - What really bothers immigration foes - Aug 11, 2006
Dont you love the DMV?
Competition before I even get off the ground
IE sucks. Why are you still using it?
Up yours, says American Airlines
American Airlines thinks it can ignore me
How does this help the American people?
Even now, no one wants to vote
Its like rats from a sinking ship
American Airlines update
An intelligent statement from a politician
Never, ever go out in the sun
I am unauthorized
Pre-Vegas timeline of incompetence and sorrow
Ooh, a direct hit
And the first shots are fired
I cant wait to complain
Im back
Failure or success?
Bush Set to Use First Veto on Stem Cell Bill
Comment spam
Virginia last in voter turnout in the last primary
And this solves what?
New tax on VOIP to go to . . . nothing
Dont call kids fat. Wait until heart disease does it for you
Perhaps the most insane thing ever said by a Senator (But probably not)
Its the governments fault
Im sorry, Godwins Law says youre done now.
Ford sucks.
Ive had it with the rain
Hello, WordPress