The future of paper
Best Buy electronics recycling comes to Columbia Heights!
People aren't dumb, just bad at judging actual cost
Freecycle rules
Alternative means of transportation
I hate facts. And physics.
Battery standardization - probably not going to happen
And my next car will be . . .
Still nothing all that cool in alternative energy for transportation
BP may be getting less green
Inhabitat is fired
This thing is going to look funny
My Country Tis of Corn
Why yes, I am wearing bamboo underwear
This is beautiful
Prius good, bottled water bad
Paper-free reading
Today is Blog Action Day
You were not meant to live that way
Wanna use your blog for good?
Dear Lightning Car Company - please export.
Some nice fruits and vegetables
You there! You use too much electricity.
Time to give Al Gore a hard time again
Inform, offer incentives, walk away
Combining a few of my favorite things
Harvey Manning, 1925-2006
Think this cant happen to us?
Make your own paper
A light bulb and a solar panel
I told you ethanol wasnt the answer
Kudos to GM
And why doesnt the Prius get 72 MPG?
Never, ever go out in the sun
Does this void my warranty?
It looks like Ten isnt Pearl Jams only worthwhile gift to society
When two things I love come together
Its the governments fault
Compact Flourescent bulbs save a ton of energy
Ford sucks.