Lots of rumors, and theyre all bad
And now for something totally important
Not sure what this is supposed to accomplish
How could you do this, Brian Roberts?
Preparing for the Mitchell Report
This is ridiculous
Is this good or bad for me?
Another parking ticket to contest
Im totally using this in my next performance review
Fewer lights, more pincers
Some of those loans were NOT a good idea
Seriously, WTF?
Wow, thats a stupid law
Bravo, AP, for a wonderful headline
What planet is this guy on?
Why would none of your plates be microwave-safe?
Those who forget history . . .
This is in my hood
The perils of semi-public restrooms
Open letter to the world
PS3 craziness
Ooh, thats classy, Britney
How appropriate
This is fun
You cant just say your domain name
Does this cross the line?
Children are being exploited, lets punish them
I think I need to re-read Fahrenheit 451
FBI cant find evidence of broken laws
Why arent we talking about sending him to jail?
I shake my fist at you, minivan
Where are the drivers in the wrong?
Aha! I was right!
Email to the DMV
I will get to the bottom of this
Montgomery County doesnt want you to vote
You mean THAT Ramsey? Really?
Leave it to BoingBoing to provide more examples
Ask, and you shall receive
Jayson Stark is smoking crack
An intelligent statement from a politician
I am unauthorized
John Scalzi on marketing
Ken Lay - not Jesus
Way to circumvent the legal system
Dont call kids fat. Wait until heart disease does it for you
On the Internet!
Please, wont someone think of the stupid adult men