My Complaint
Shirlington Parking
Political allegiance
Email from Flickr
Obama is down with Creative Commons
A nice bit of bipartisanship
Almost forgot the good news
Bye, loser
The Duck and the Dunderhead
Youre missing the point
The media didnt predict for a week that Lazarus would return
Iowa is a bunch of jerks
Iowa could have been worse
The DMV has betrayed me
Net neutrality is not net neutrality
Why am I not mad?
Columbia Heights associations meeting
Spying on ourselves is bad
Like rats from a sinking ship
A partial explanation
Im trying to understand this
Leaning left vs. right
The Republican debate
Now Im a donor and an independent
Why Al Gore wont be President
California - A presidential candidates bad analogy
Couldnt they find anyone less suited for the position?
I wish they used the closed captioning
Should DC get a vote?
Check out KZoo
Duck Conspiracy?
Were mad, and were not going to take it. Well, maybe we will.
Bipartisan government - the wifes take
A new age of bipartisan government
Someone agrees with me about Al Gore
Congratulations to the Vice Presidents daughter
Its about time
Ive always wanted to do this
Good try, DC
Election withdrawl
Im special
Looks like its almost over
And it comes down to us.
Change of plans
Scalzi on voting
Everybody vote!
Shouldnt that be automatic?
Is this better or worse than reality?
Stop with the negative ads
No substantial relationship
This is what they mean by liberal media
Yeah, remember what we said before? We were lying
Hey, that might be a good idea
Maybe this will move them to act
HOTSOUP.com is open for business
Complaining in action
Voters in Maryland - Protest the voting machines
Electronic poll books in Tuesday test
Democrats are incompetent
Dont take a picture of this
Surprise! Youre Jewish.
American Airlines gets their (its?) comeuppance
Security? What security?
Oh, the Web 2.0-ness is spectacular!
CNN.com - Navarrette - What really bothers immigration foes - Aug 11, 2006
Even now, no one wants to vote
Its like rats from a sinking ship
This sounds like the liberal medias doing
Gun control - a sensible approach
Thats what Ive been trying to tell you
Failure or success?
Bush Set to Use First Veto on Stem Cell Bill
Virginia last in voter turnout in the last primary
Hillary after 100 pages
Why no response to the bombings in Mumbai?
I've been waiting for this for all my life
Does the AP do it on purpose?
64 pages of Hillary - I still dont like her
New tax on VOIP to go to . . . nothing
36 Pages of Hillary - An Initial Reaction
A step in the right direction, but not far enough
Researching the enemy
Well, hes the decider