Welcome to the world, Matilda
Best customer service ever - Thanks, Verizon Wireless
Restaurant review - The Uptowner
What on Earth is going on?
Thanks, Trent
eBay is Dangerous
How I love the English language
This is why I live close to work, Part 2
Two new (to me) spots for coffee
Nice job, First USA
Of all the days to get noticed
Go visit your elderly relatives
Both better and worse than I thought
Linux geekery - Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex
The name of this blog is now "Tony Romo Sucks"
Ed Reed ate him alive
Did you read my novel?
Sign a petition for intelligence in agriculture
Romo still sucks in December
Banana Leaves - Yum
Monuments to Nothing - My 2008 Nanowrimo novel
Nanowrimo is over for me
What a glorious world we live in
Nanowrimo tonight
Real authors doing Novel Writing Month
Not just for chicks, this thing is going to save me
Are you Flickr friends with the Smithsonian?
That's my daughter!
The first Google phone launches today
Welcome to the world, Adelina
Cross-platform file syncing and storage
Fahey is back!
Clean bill of health for me, but no baby yet
Beer and Babies
A baby present for me
From the farmers market to your table at Poste
Go check out Mozilla Ubiquity
Forget playing, this mouse is having Five Guys
Experimental new stuff from Mozilla
A hub of Central American culture
I'm wearing a left shoe!
Buy my stuff!
When friends show they care
Two years ago today
Finally made it to Commonwealth
The little brother is off to law school
Your government at work - 16th and U to get a makeover
Let's blow this way out of proportion!
Maybe my SEO with Drupal is working
The CommonWealth Gastropub is almost open
When all else fails, check the system logs
Way to go, Yahoo
Yahoo isn't as bad as Microsoft
Dinner at The Heights on a lovely Thursday night
Comcast did something right
Getting back to running
The exception to the rule
I think Brandon Fahey reads my blog
Five Guys is a delicous disaster
Delicious frozen custard
Maybe Wall-E really is good
Hillary and Barack
A little anniversary
Nats beat the rain, not the Angels.
Pregnant wife bonus
Hooray for placenta migration!
Go download Firefox 3 RIGHT NOW.
Back from Boston
More music from Nine Inch Nails
My wife is the good kind of crazy
Best Buy electronics recycling comes to Columbia Heights!
My happy hour was a success
Maybe Metallica finally gets it
A trip to Camden Yards
Mars Landing
Getting rid of some books
Saturday Night at Nationals Park
An internet company with customer service?
No wine snobbery here
THAT'S how you pitch
Thanks, Mount Pleasant Mainstreet
I have powers you can't even imagine
Oh, Ubuntu, you make me laugh
Awful website, great restaurant
This is what happens when you throw strikes, Cabrera
Man, Trent's going crazy
Hey, all you Catholics
Another race, my personal best
Freecycle rules
O's win again
Officially on vacation
Orioles win again, and the hold is even stupider than the save
Hey, look, this isn't about baseball
I'll take that
I complained too soon
Dinner and Drinks with Charlie Stross
I'm so glad baseball is back.
South Park shares all the episodes
Things are a little bit rough so far
Mmmm, delicious Consecrator Dopplebock
Saving money through credit cards
Obama is down with Creative Commons
Welcome to five years ago
A nice bit of bipartisanship
Bye, loser
Can we keep doing this, please?
Ill take 8 of these, too.
Happy New Year!
Kill Microsoft with Ubuntu, not BitTorrent
This was cool until I read that
Who eats better than we do?
Take that, DC Parking Enforcement!
This thing is going to look funny
He/She/It Listened!
Maybe the supreme being is listening
Im one of those DC snow car people now
Bread is delicious
Doing a little baking
Sean Taylor tribute
Nano is done
New job?
Officially back on track
The Kindle is here
Eagerly awaiting the Kindle
Thanks, Akismet
Why yes, I am wearing bamboo underwear
Nano update - Day 2
No one can stay away
Its almost time.
Go see a play
Date Night - Half-Birthday Edition
Gutsy first impressions
Date night
AbeBooks rules
I said I wasnt going to do this
Bum bum bum bum BUM BUM DC U-ni-ted!
Waiting for the blinds guy
Im part of the Seibei Nation
Be a part of local history might be a bit much
And with them goes the stench of failure
F*** you, recording industry
The Nikon D300 is coming
Dear Lightning Car Company - please export.
Coppis on U Street
A magazine about Ubuntu
I win again!
And then there was one
No one gets the internet like the porn industry
Oh, the poor, misguided anti-complainers
Automatic weapons with Legos
Some nice fruits and vegetables
Happy Anniversary to me!
On a lighter note
Put the full text in your blog feed and Ill read it
New construction on Harvard Street
New depths of nerd
Hippies? I love hippies.
Im on a roll with the sports stuff
You should go to Fleet Feet
Welcome to Web 2.0, WMATA.
Computers, baseball, and a lot of free time
I win! Im a big winner!
Ubuntu, Wubi, and other funny words
Im back, the cat is back, the wife is gone
A suggesting for writing
My wife, my accountant
Nice job, Apple store
Opening night at The Heights
A strange but compelling book
I knew it was a good beer
Our new neighborhood bar/restaurant
Weekend in Philly
Mmm, wine.
OMG I have DC tags!
Perhaps the biggest food surprise Ive had in a while
I just realized why I like this site
Dinner with the wife out of town
My motto for life
On Blogging
Tshirts are awesome.
Teaser for Script Frenzy
Mystery solved
Did you send us a gift card?
What a great shirt
80 Years of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Another reason to love Nine Inch Nails
Things are getting back to normal
Look at me, being helpful
New Nine Inch Nails single
What is art, really?
Look, I was right
Mmm. . . delicious cupcakes
We got the house
Frolicking dolphins
Best Indian food ever
Check out KZoo
I LOVE Web 2.0!!!!
This is in my hood
Nicest thing hes ever said
Restaurant week in DC
Social shopping app?
Nice job, Cal
Internet Explorer is the devil, Part II
Happy New Year!
All done
What a nice way of putting it
Almost out
Its about time
Worst tunnel ever
Congratulations to the Vice Presidents daughter
T-shirts and more t-shirts
Saturday afternoon
And you thought you were old
Its about time
OMG two baseball posts in one day!
Happy Thanksgiving
Cool DIY site
Google is changing the world
Genetic eating habits
Combining a few of my favorite things
Halfway point
Would this work at Seven Corners?
Brickskeller now has Bells!
What did I do before?
Im special
Google is not down
This is fun
Halloween is going to kill me
Because everyone should read this webcomic
Less than one hour to go
Oh, have I got a treat for you
No substantial relationship
Everyone else is posting it
Banana nut goodness
New stuff coming soon
Creative Commons - not just for hippies
Its interesting to live near D.C.
Space Invaders is awesome
More on Googles purchase of YouTube
Working from home
Norton Antivirus kills my processor
Make your own paper
Good news - we really are married
National Novel Writing Month is nearly upon us
Dude clearly needs to get his priorities straight
Democrats are incompetent
Shes okay now
Aha! I was right!
A light bulb and a solar panel
American Airlines gets their (its?) comeuppance
Awesomest thing Ive seen all year
Join the Mile-High Club, if you can take the pressure
On hiatus
Perhaps the sexiest piece of stereo equipment Ive seen
This is actually great for the country
Kudos to GM
This is not a surprise to me
This sounds like the liberal medias doing
To be a photoblogger
And why doesnt the Prius get 72 MPG?
Does this void my warranty?
Is it wrong to enjoy Husseins trial?
Vegas, baby, Vegas
Lets not get ahead of ourselves
A different perspective
I've been waiting for this for all my life
It looks like Ten isnt Pearl Jams only worthwhile gift to society
When two things I love come together
On the Internet!