And fire him they did
The name of this blog is now "Tony Romo Sucks"
Ed Reed ate him alive
An interesting bit of timing
Did you read my novel?
Sign a petition for intelligence in agriculture
Tire vandals in Columbia Heights
Romo still sucks in December
If I were a teen girl
Banana Leaves - Yum
Dancing bananas and surprising websites
Monuments to Nothing - My 2008 Nanowrimo novel
Nanowrimo is over for me
Wikimetro says, "We're totally not a scam"
That's a weird place for an ad, Google
I hate the Cowboys
Is Wikimetro a scam?
Shame on you, Columbia Heights
What a glorious world we live in
Nanowrimo tonight
The hard streets of Columbia Heights
Real authors doing Novel Writing Month
Experts Exchange sucks
Great moments is passive-aggressiveness
Twitter will kill us all
jrenaut - Kobe, ARod, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk(?) channeling Tom Cruise? Rock Band is pulling out all the stops with these
jrenaut - It is unclear if the Redskins could look any worse this week.
I'm drinking a can of beer from my own fridge for the first time since I don't know when.
Not just for chicks, this thing is going to save me
I don't read partial RSS feeds
DC parking ticket adjudicator lacks sense of humor, soul
I still don't know what to do with Twitter, but at least now I can tweet from my desktop with Gnome-Do
Are you Flickr friends with the Smithsonian?
Manny is the new Bonds
It would have been a disappointing time
Seriously, some needs to bailout my 401K
WalMart caves on DRM
There goes my retirement.
I can't believe IT removed Firefox from my work machine.
Now I did sign up for Twitter
My life hasn't really changed since Twitter. Everyone is a liar.
jrenaut - I'm ready for Twitter to change my life
Nanowrimo is coming
I almost signed up for Twitter
Her favorite pastime
If you buy anything with DRM, you are stupid
Ooh, burned!
That's my daughter!
The first Google phone launches today
I think I'm awake
Like a poison dart frog, it's there to warn you away
Guest post at Vinotrip
I might go into the office and take a nap
If I don't admit I'm exhausted, maybe I won't be
As much as it sucks, we still have to pay the contracts they signed
Welcome to the world, Adelina
Cross-platform file syncing and storage
Fahey is back!
I never wanted to do business with Countrywide in the first place
Running, cramping
Baby Never Forget
Clean bill of health for me, but no baby yet
The baby is officially late
Beer and Babies
The worst inning in the history of the Universe
A baby present for me
Nine points has never looked so bad
The unintended consequences of blocking webmail
Happy hour at Target?
The walk is unforgivable
A little weekend getaway
Would this business model work for writers?
Wolf Blitzer needs to go
From the farmers market to your table at Poste
Go check out Mozilla Ubiquity
What would happen if the airline industry failed?
Do you ever Google yourself?
Forget playing, this mouse is having Five Guys
Is this even legal?
Experimental new stuff from Mozilla
Get over yourself, CNN
Is everyone holding their breath for Obama?
Your job is more interesting than mine
You probably just helped her book sales
A hub of Central American culture
I'm wearing a left shoe!
Buy my stuff!
Giant's okay, but the customers are crazy
Just because HDTVs are cheap now doesn't mean your child needs one
Clicking ads is not saying thank you
Record labels are stupid
When friends show they care
Blackberry research and crazy Verizon saleschatters
The (unborn) baby likes me!
BMI is bunk
Two years ago today
Not a meaningful distinction
Once again, I'm reminded why I hate Microsoft
Infinite goods want to be DRM-free!
Would you like to know more?
Finally made it to Commonwealth
The little brother is off to law school
Where's the media love for this guy?
Your government at work - 16th and U to get a makeover
Can the Sarfate-as-starter experiment please end?
We need more science
Stupid IT department
From the mouth of Jobs himself
Of all the dumb things to say
Investing for the l33t
A call for financial advice
A congestion tax alone is not enough
I love to hate the iPhone
Didn't mean to censor the TSA propaganda
Let's blow this way out of proportion!
Speaking of IT security and idiots
Tragedy in Baltimore!
Webmail isn't evil, IT departments are
Maybe my SEO with Drupal is working
Oddly Enough, You're an Idiot
The CommonWealth Gastropub is almost open
I'm a DC Blog
When all else fails, check the system logs
What happened to the service industry?
Worst Game Ever
Glad I just use the Nationals for their convenient stadium
Way to go, Yahoo
MASN is the worst network ever
The iPhone and the PETA Effect
A healthy debate on the internet?
Setting up the baby's room
Terrifying acts of god
Yahoo isn't as bad as Microsoft
Possible site outages tomorrow
Marketing your content
Where's my love from Comcast?
Where Microsoft went, Yahoo will follow
Dinner at The Heights on a lovely Thursday night
Blackberries are the devil
And then it rained
Comcast did something right
Getting back to running
Damn it, Tor
After all that, Scalzi had to tell me?
Nice night for a baseball game
Am I immune to codeine?
What is Billy Beane doing?
Fleecing the poor
You'd think it would be great
Foot surgery is awesome
The exception to the rule
Astak, you suck
Howard Vs Wright - it's no contest
Over before it began
The Nats aren't paying rent
Crosswalk misadventures
I think Brandon Fahey reads my blog
Maybe that's why everyone loves Wall-E
Five Guys is a delicous disaster
Women give funny looks
The MVNO road is not the one you want
That's TWO doubles this year
Unexpected consequences of killing the gun ban
Delicious frozen custard
Maybe Wall-E really is good
Drupal and the Blog API
Hillary and Barack
Is Brandon Fahey the worst hitter ever?
Why do you think I'm stupid, Microsoft?
Another ebook reader set to fail
I could have been killed
A little anniversary
Nats beat the rain, not the Angels.
It's even awesomer than I thought
The weather around here is whack
Pregnant wife bonus
Out of curiosity
Looking for a present for me?
Hey, people like Drupal and SEO
Drupal, SEO, and you
So we meet again
Email Etiquette
More spam poetry
My scale goes to 10,000
Hooray for placenta migration!
Go download Firefox 3 RIGHT NOW.
Bring on Game 4
Back from Boston
Just let me do my job
I can't handle The Truth
More music from Nine Inch Nails
More and more annoyed
My wife is the good kind of crazy
The future of paper
Best Buy electronics recycling comes to Columbia Heights!
Bill Simmons is fired
Security Theater is getting literal
Birthing Class
Help Firefox set a world record
My happy hour was a success
Maybe Metallica finally gets it
A trip to Camden Yards
Mars Landing
Getting rid of some books
Saturday Night at Nationals Park
An internet company with customer service?
Jim "One Inning" Johnson and the Orioles
Birthing classes and onesies
No wine snobbery here
THAT'S how you pitch
Thanks, Mount Pleasant Mainstreet
Study to be taken with a grain of salt
What's wrong with New Orleans basketball fans?
Mount Pleasant misplaced a banner
Damn you, loose bricks!
I have powers you can't even imagine
Oh, Ubuntu, you make me laugh
Is anyone else annoyed by Ubuntu 8.04?
Awful website, great restaurant
Orioles beat Beckett and the Sox
DDOT is a pain
DDOT doesn't answer my question
Guess who's getting foot surgery
Wet socks
This is what happens when you throw strikes, Cabrera
Man, Trent's going crazy
And there we are
Parking a car in DC sucks
Excessive parking restrictions on my block
People aren't dumb, just bad at judging actual cost
That was money well-spent
Man, who thought this was a good idea?
What to do when your team isn't local
Watching a little basketball, playing with some computers
Getting back to my life
I guess it serves me right for buying a soda
I should be more observant
Hey, all you Catholics
Dell again
Dell is fired
Dell 1, Me 0
Another race, my personal best
Freecycle rules
Now I'll get some good search hits
Contract the Nationals!
O's win again
The wife will think I'm crazy
Officially on vacation
Now the wife loves
Orioles win again, and the hold is even stupider than the save
Hey, look, this isn't about baseball
Barry Bonds - collusion or just not worth it?
I'll take that
I complained too soon
Fire Daniel Cabrera
Nike fails the internet
Oh, great, another infielder who can't hit
Dinner and Drinks with Charlie Stross
Small site problems
Trying to write about something other than baseball
Orioles in HD!
Ok, back to baseball. And politics.
Homemade Seitan
More Orioles crap
Please, just get this over with
Now that they've said that . . .
You want to see something scary?
I'm so glad baseball is back.
I know, I know, I'll get to it
Complaint about merchandise that has never been sent
I am literally floored by this stunning news flash
Why the save is a stupid stat
Why do I hate roller bags at work?
Family tree building
South Park shares all the episodes
So what's in it for us?
Peanuts and Cracker Jack
Alternative means of transportation
Unfortunate name, interesting product
Yay, Nashville!
My first speeding ticket since high school
Top Three Reasons my Wife is Awesome
I hate facts. And physics.
New science fiction site coming soon
Spitzer hates our hookers
To honor, you have to understand
Race results updated
John McCain hates bears
Give Maryland its wine in the mail already
Well done, Toyota
Saint Patrick's Day 8K
Took too long to get this set up
This is a test of the complaint submission system
My Complaint
Shirlington Parking
Citibank Premiere Pass
Time Moves to Fast
getting old
stupid metro riders
Political allegiance
You call this winter weather?
Dear Fatty McMiddleseat
ladies bathroom
Living in a furnace
drive right, pass left
Mass Email List
limited categories
Smart traffic lights
Left turn on red
this is test complaint
Infinology Is The Devil AND Sucks
emove, usplastics, comcast - why is nothing easy?
post flag football soreness
no new postings!
Dumbass Major League Baseball
cell phone etiquette
complaint about test complaints
Inconsiderate Metro Riders
Bose in-ear headphones - The review
rolling backpacks
no more ubuntu posts
not enough talk of wookies
2 driving violations
stupid woman at improv
i says
College football
Bite me, Microsoft
Target is cool, but . . .
Florida and Michigan made their beds
Et Tu, Ohio
Changes in Columbia Heights
Tequila - the solution to all of life's problems
Amazon recognizes that Linux users like music, too
The co-founder of Netscape on Barack Obama
Trent Reznor and alternative business models
GAAAH! Unwanted mental image!
Giving stuff away
Battery standardization - probably not going to happen
Oops, I broke IE
You WILL like tofu and brussels sprouts
I hope my friends in Nashville are involved here
Site Design
Eat Well DC hires new chef - Washington Business Journal -
Getting back into music
The dumbest thing I've read today
Where are the nicknames of yesteryear?
Test complaint
And my next car will be . . .
My first spam!
Redirect is working
Some things good, some things bad
Sorry for the "read more"
Things are a little bit rough so far
Please let this mean that there are no more Flash websites
Mmmm, delicious Consecrator Dopplebock
Response from VA Delegate Scott
Response from VA Senator Saslaw
Response from Senator Allen
The Atrocity at Seven Corners
Im with you on everything but the Mac part
Drupal coming along nicely
Saving money through credit cards
Columbia Heights lost a theater
Someone stole my cherries!
Wow, that was easy
The future of Complaint Hub
Back from California
Email from Flickr
Say no to artificial sweetener
It sucks outside
Still nothing all that cool in alternative energy for transportation
I should have taken a picture
I cant believe they said that
Obama is down with Creative Commons
Diet soda - not just for cancer anymore
I dont know what SalesGenie is thinking
BP may be getting less green
Welcome to five years ago
A nice bit of bipartisanship
Almost forgot the good news
I should just quit
Two wrongs dont make a right
Proof of divine intervention
Bye, loser
Vector Security summary
Lots of rumors, and theyre all bad
Can we keep doing this, please?
Dear Dan Snyder
The Duck and the Dunderhead
You suck, Microsoft
Ill take 8 of these, too.
Ill take 8, thanks
I love statistics
Dear Gentleman crossing H St NW
Dear Dallas Fans
Whats wrong here?
This makes me want to be a scientist
Youre missing the point
The media didnt predict for a week that Lazarus would return
Inhabitat is fired
And now for something totally important
Iowa is a bunch of jerks
Iowa could have been worse
Well, thats kind of scary
Is this legal?
Happy New Year!