Kill Microsoft with Ubuntu, not BitTorrent
Someone complains about Vector Security
Please, stop the quarterback worship
Merry Christmas, jerk! Love, U of Michigan
Totally unacceptable workplace environment
This was cool until I read that
Not sure what this is supposed to accomplish
Orioles move on, I hope
The DMV has betrayed me
How could you do this, Brian Roberts?
Preparing for the Mitchell Report
Who eats better than we do?
You suck, Citicards
Take that, DC Parking Enforcement!
Why do I write?
This thing is going to look funny
He/She/It Listened!
Maybe the supreme being is listening
Im one of those DC snow car people now
Bread is delicious
Doing a little baking
Snow? Really?
A Tribute to Sean
Sean Taylor tribute
Nano is done
New job?
2481 to go
Almost finished
I thought wed lose him to jail
Officially back on track
You know what, Kindle? No. Not buying you.
So I hit 30,000 words
The Kindle hates Ubuntu
The Kindle is here
Eagerly awaiting the Kindle
They couldnt have done it when he hit 754?
No more being nice
My Country Tis of Corn
Thanks, Akismet
I dont hold grudges. Sometimes.
Letters are easier, anyway
Nano Update - Day 13
Nano Update - Day 12
Nano Update - Day 9
This is why were killing the planet
Nano Update - Day 8
OMG TomKat!
Nano Update - Day 7
Why yes, I am wearing bamboo underwear
Nano Update - Day 6 (Or, the worst paragraph Ive ever written)
I cant show you what we did this weekend
Nano Update - Day 5
Nano update - Day 2
Not a lot of words
No one can stay away
Athletes DO graduate from college
Its almost time.
Net neutrality is not net neutrality
Well, its not quite under $300
Go see a play
Whats with the spam?
Curse you, rain
Date Night - Half-Birthday Edition
Meat and potatoes for dinner
OMG it worked!
Gutsy first impressions
Liveblogging the Gutsy install
Seriously, Ubuntu
Gutsy or Bust
Ill make you famous
This is beautiful
Still no 7.10
Should have started earlier
Id be installing this now if it wasnt for work
Prius good, bottled water bad
Paper-free reading
Today is Blog Action Day
Longtime reader is fired
You probably wont get this
You were not meant to live that way
Date night
This is ridiculous
Stupid Cleveland
Heres your chance to root for the Yankees
Seriously, Im an addict
AbeBooks rules
AT&T wants to censor your complaints
I said I wasnt going to do this
Not to pile on Microsoft . . .
Visual Studio is killing me inside
Bum bum bum bum BUM BUM DC U-ni-ted!
Waiting for the blinds guy
Im part of the Seibei Nation
Wanna use your blog for good?
Be a part of local history might be a bit much
Why am I not mad?
And with them goes the stench of failure
Go high or go home
F*** you, recording industry
Pepco still sucks, but Im not quite so mad
Miro needs your help to not suck
I wish I could fire Pepco
The Nikon D300 is coming
Waiting for Pepco
Justifiable homicide
Define knee-jerk
Dear Lightning Car Company - please export.
My Discover card sucks
Coppis on U Street
Columbia Heights associations meeting
Is traffic that bad right now?
Cats are not very bright
A magazine about Ubuntu
N Exactly IMBY
I win again!
Response from DDOT
Ubuntu is working like a charm
Howto - Install Ubuntu Feisty on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61
All you need to know about DC parking tickets
And then there was one
Fully functional operating sysmtems - zero
First impression of Vista, heading for Ubuntu
Bailouts are bad
No one gets the internet like the porn industry
Worst street in Columbia Heights?
A first response
Should the government bail out the mortgage industry?
Lets get the Councilmember involved
Appeal to Councilmember Graham
Oh, the poor, misguided anti-complainers
Automatic weapons with Legos
Spying on ourselves is bad
Some nice fruits and vegetables
Happy Anniversary to me!
On a lighter note
Those heartless, inflexible bastards
Well, were Zone 1 now
Parking update
Cant I just park in front of my house?
Thanks for the reminder - give blood
Put the full text in your blog feed and Ill read it
Curse you, four car train
Any Oriole fan could have told you this
Like rats from a sinking ship
I hate computers
Renovations to begin on Harvard Street back from the dead
More baseball geekery
Is this good or bad for me?
New construction on Harvard Street
You there! You use too much electricity.
No more four car trains at rush hour!
Is it just me?
Away again
New depths of nerd
Starbucks is fired
More Wubi and Ubuntu
Hippies? I love hippies.
Im on a roll with the sports stuff
You should go to Fleet Feet
Welcome to Web 2.0, WMATA.
Drugs, cheating, and incompetent management
Computers, baseball, and a lot of free time
I win! Im a big winner!
71% is good?
I dont want to be eaten by a lion
Ubuntu, Wubi, and other funny words
City wildlife
Im back, the cat is back, the wife is gone
A note on commenting
The Kennedy Center responds
A suggesting for writing
And Im out
A partial explanation
$10 minimum?
Thatll teach the Kennedy Center
Im trying to understand this
The Kennedy Center is spamming me
Letter to the DMV
Contesting a parking ticket
The street is NOT zoned
Now theyve done it
Another parking ticket to contest
Leaning left vs. right
Legislating fairness
My wife, my accountant
Nice job, Apple store
Opening night at The Heights
18% alcohol, 100% delicious
Why I complain
Im totally using this in my next performance review
A strange but compelling book
Go ahead, shoot the messenger
I knew it was a good beer
Our new neighborhood bar/restaurant
Weekend in Philly
A lot of you are interested in Vector Security
Maybe I should have said this before I did it
I may be throwing in the towel
Mmm, wine.
OMG I have DC tags!
It happened again
Whoa, there
Perhaps the biggest food surprise Ive had in a while
Weekend bus trauma
Crossed the 5000-word mark
Lawyers Have Heart 10K
At least its not a reality show
There are no hot moms here
Woefully behind
The Republican debate
Sorry for the downtime
Shootings on Girard Street
My thoughts on the Democratic debate
The perils of a transitional neighborhood
805 words
More housing?
Beautiful spam poetry
Support the American Heart Association by running
I just realized why I like this site
A really long walk
Not deleted
Or, deleting a blog
Combining two sites
Playing with themes
Raw breakfast
Yay DMV! Boo Officer Key.
Dinner with the wife out of town
No, no, dont kill the infidels
Time to give Al Gore a hard time again
Hello, readers
A complaint about me
Disaster magnet
Capital One fouls off strike three to stay alive
My motto for life
A quick question
Vector Security - still cool
Mexico, brothers-in-law, school
Just stop drinking the water
Strike two already
Thats one strike, Capital One
No one told me it was almost June
Local Nanowrimo participants?
Youre a pain, Cingular
A good habit
Are you kidding me? The trash cans?
About nothing in particular
Now Im a donor and an independent
DMV in SouthWEST - Not so bad
Featured Complaint of the Week
Come back soon, Eastern Market
I realized something today
On Blogging
Go see this play
In memory of Ruth Renaut, 11/19/1926 - 4/23/2007
High School kid shot in my neighborhood
Tshirts are awesome.
Happy Birthday to me!
So thats where all those people came from
Teaser for Script Frenzy
Fewer lights, more pincers
Some of those loans were NOT a good idea
I think Im officially a DC resident now
Who needs cake?
Stop your long commute
We really need a solution for the immigration problem
Race is over!
Almost race time
Flickr users like hot moms
Sitting in the sun
Alas, poor Vonage
Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007
New book
New job, crazy rules
Mystery solved
Did you send us a gift card?
Three blocks to Sierra Nevada
My first 10K
So you need a home security system
Pizza and basketball
Sorry folks, streets closed
Why Al Gore wont be President
Web 2.0 for running
Inform, offer incentives, walk away
The zoo is all uphill
Full weekend
California - A presidential candidates bad analogy
Bye-bye, Duke
Oh, look, torture works
Green your pets, too
Seriously, WTF?
Tuesdays in the winter
Maybe that was my bad
Today we teach race car drivers how to fly
Could Comcast be any worse?
Wow, thats a stupid law
Transparency, not regulation
Will I ever make it home?
Do not mess with the Do Not Call list
What a great shirt
80 Years of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
We have internet! Sort of.
Another reason to love Nine Inch Nails
It figures
How do people find me?
Things are getting back to normal
I cant take this no internet thing much longer
Make sure you find the real problem
The bus
Everything is the devil
Bravo, AP, for a wonderful headline
And were in
Follow up - Car tracks in the 7-11
Review of a car Ill never buy
Look at me, being helpful
Stupid federal holiday
Couldnt they find anyone less suited for the position?
New Nine Inch Nails single
Moving Tuesday
Even Enviga knows that Enviga sucks
Dont talk about hot weather when its 18 degrees F out.
Its official
Finally, a reason to hate elevators
Snow day
Do I really care about the zoning board?
If we ban it, it will go away
I didnt sign up for ice
OMG Turn off the internet!
Things every guy should know
Its a done deal
Calling all car nuts who dont really like to drive
What planet is this guy on?
They want to make my condo illegal
Really old and really dead people found hugging
Man, I forgot about McSweeneys
Snow again
Not looking good for Whole Foods
What is art, really?
I wish they used the closed captioning
Twelve hour school days?
VentBox is live
Look, I was right
Super Bowl Sunday
This is why northern states make fun of us
I want in on this
Coming soon . . .
WordPress 2.1 bonk
Inside the house
Bad mood + too much tv = uncontrollable ranting
I cringe at the thought
Ads for ads
Inspection tomorrow
Why would none of your plates be microwave-safe?
Mmm. . . delicious cupcakes
YouTube finds great method to create the next YouTube
About this blog
Should DC get a vote?
We got the house
A sad day for haters
Frolicking dolphins
Those who forget history . . .
Best Indian food ever
Spammers need to die
Check out KZoo
Duck Conspiracy?
Were mad, and were not going to take it. Well, maybe we will.
Dinner at Wasabi
Looking at houses today
You! Go take an econ class, right now.
I LOVE Web 2.0!!!!
Commenter with interesting site
This is in my hood
A way to submit your own complaints thats better than mine
Nicest thing hes ever said
The perfect commercial
Bonds is a druggie, CEO of MLB players association a liar
Sir, youre going to have to remove your monkeys diaper for inspection
Restaurant week in DC
Tag abuse
Social shopping app?
Nice job, Cal
Id like a new layout
Kids, dont try this at home
Manhattan smells like gas
Your complaints
I hate elevators
What have we done?
Its book review time!
Internet Explorer is the devil, Part II
Bipartisan government - the wifes take
News Flash - People take cabs at 2am on New Years Day
A new age of bipartisan government
A bunch of stuff